Project Paso is an exciting venture for us at Don Sebastiani & Sons. While the Paso Robles area has been producing wine for over 200 years, the area is just now gaining recognition among wine aficionados for its distinctive character. In 1990 there were fewer than 20 wineries in Paso Robles. Today there are more than 200—and the area is now the fastest-growing AVA in California.

We are excited to see Paso Robles finally garnering the attention it deserves.

For over 30 years, we’ve been partnering with well-known Paso Robles grape-grower Sam Balakian to source the grapes that we’ve used to add depth and complexity to many of our California wines. As interest in the region continued to grow, we knew the time was right to craft a Paso Robles-centric family of wines that would truly showcase this emerging region. Whenever the idea came up, we would casually refer to it as “Project Paso”. When the wines were finished, we just couldn’t imagine calling them anything else, and with that Project Paso was born.