Winemaker Greg Kitchens

Introducing others to new and unexpected wine gems has been a talent of Greg’s from a very young age. During his budget-conscious college days, Greg scoured wine shops for great wines that delivered far beyond their modest prices. Today, he brings that same sense of discovery to exploring the possibilities of the new up-and-coming Paso Robles region with each vintage of Project Paso.

Greg approaches the process of making wine with a unique mix of art and science.

With an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, he initially conducted immunology research at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology in southern California. But the calling of the drinkable sciences kept tugging at his heart. He returned home to Napa Valley for the harvest of 1998, and hasn’t looked back since.

Working initially at Beaulieu Vineyards in Napa Valley and Sebastiani Vineyards prior to coming to Don & Sons, he quickly worked his way up the ladder from laboratory assistant to associate winemaker in a matter of a couple of years. In 2009 he became our Red Winemaker, bringing his finely honed blend of science and art to every vintage since.